Same Day Settlement

Time is of the Essence.

Payment companies who implement same-day settlement now will have a significant advantage in 2019 and beyond. Those who don’t will find themselves behind the curve, missing out on incremental revenue and, even worse, suffering from increased merchant attrition. and Ingo Money are uniquely positioned to enable acquirers to get in-market today, keep your competitive advantage tomorrow, and ensure your same day settlement offering maintains the quality, consistency and dependability that will be demanded by your merchants and selling partners.

What Makes Our Same Day Settlement Solution Unique

Risk Management
Regulatory Compliance
Reconciliation & Settlement
Multichannel Routing
Reliability & 
Bulletproof Marketing

Follow the Revenue

Same Day Settlement is quickly becoming the largest acquiring revenue opportunity behind interchange.

• Increase your Recurring Revenue by 25-100+ BP
• Only Turnkey Instant Money as a Service
• Powerful Merchant Acquisition & Retention Tool
“This offering is designed to provide a significant competitive advantage to our existing resellers and those outside of the Paysafe network seeking a processing partnership that offers proven enhanced cash flow products.”
ToDD linden, CEO, U.s.

Get your Merchants Started with Same Day Funding

We see same day settlement becoming the method used to fund all merchants in the growing instant economy and will eventually become the norm.

A solid proven same day settlement product will become an increasingly significant part of your future acquiring strategy.

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